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Capital Bankcard-New England, LLC

26 Barrett Hill Road
Brooklyn, CT  06234-1500
Office Phone: 860-774-8210
Fax: 866-745-5542
Co Founders
Bill Morrone
Jeanne Morrone

To receive a free competitive quote or cost analysis to determine if we can help you lower your credit card processing costs, please fax or email to our regional office two (2) consecutive monthly Merchant Statements, all pages (front and back).  Make sure you include your contact info. 



Customer Service Numbers: 

Please have your Merchant ID Number (MID) ready when you call for support. 

General Merchant Account Questions: 860-774-8210 - Capital Bankcard Agent Sales Office  (M-F 9:00 AM-5:30 PM)
Capital Bankcard Corporate Terminal Support: 877-788-2836 (7/24/365) Boston, MA
TSYS Corporate Terminal Support:  800-847-2737 or 800-552-8227 (7/24/365) - Merchant Assistance Center  877-447-3938 (You will need your Gateway ID)
Capital Bankcard American Express Customer Service: 800-528-5200
TSYS American Express Voice Authorization:  800-528-2121
PCI Online Questionnaire Survey, Control Scan:  800-825-3301
Chargeback Department: 800-672-5007
Voice Authorization: 800-228-1122

Main Office: 860-774-8210 (You cacn obtain the direct number for all staff here)

Bill Morrone - Founder:

Jeanne Morrone - Co-Founder:

Erin Healy-Senior Administrator:

Kelsey Crosson-Office Manager:

Geoff Gauvin - Sr. Merchant Advisor:


In Our Rhode Island Office:

Geoff Gauvin- Sr. Merchant Advisor:


 In Our Massachusetts Office:

Geoff Gauvin - Sr. Merchant Advisor:

Robert Cleary: Merchant Advisor


In our Wellington, FL Office:

Tyler Crosson: Merchant Advisor:


In Our Naples, FL Office: 

Deb Winick: Sr. Merchant Advisor


In Our Asheville, NC Office: 

Marty Reed: Merchant Advisor,