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Below are just a few examples of the different types of credit card terminals and equipment that you may need to select from in order to accept credit cards. At Capital Bankcard, we are a full suite provider and offer a complete selection of PCI Compliant terminals and equipment.  

With the purchase of any desktop terminal or mobile reader, you are automatically enrolled in our Free Terminal Loaner Program. If anything happens to your operating system, we will loan you a terminal, free of charge, until we can figure out/fix what is wrong with yours. If for any reason, your existing terminal is inoperable, you will then have the option to purchase the loaner as a replacement. 

All new terminals are guaranteed with a 1 Year Factory Warranty.

Standard Desktop Terminal: These are dual mode & multiple-user desktop terminals. Desktop terminals allow you to connect to a traditional telephone line or Internet based IP CAT 5/6 line for a faster transaction speed. These terminals, and other similar units, can run multiple merchant accounts with the push of a button. Great for medical offices, cafes, beauty salons, etc. 

Our terminals now have EMV & NFC functionality, making it easy to accept chip based cards as well as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Capital Bankcard

Pin Pads - Used for accepting PIN Debit card transactions at the point of sale. A pin pad allows your customer to enter their own private and secure PIN number thus reducing the risk of that transaction and virtually eliminating charge-backs to the merchant.

Contactless Pin pads now enable a hands-free approach where you do not touch/handle your customers card. The customer choses how to use their card on the pin pad which gives them the option to swipe, insert chip or use their mobile device to pay.

Having a pin pad enables you to also receive the lower swiped rate on Pin Debit transactions.

Capital Bankcard

Mobile Smart Phone ProcessingCapital Bankcards mobile Chip Card (EMV) reader allows you to accept payments anytime, anywhere on almost any device. With the use of a mobile reader, you benefit from Swiped Rates. If you use the mobile app and not the reader by keying in each transaction, the rates will downgrade to Keyed pricing.  Although "Accepting" using a mobile card reader is really cool, it can also be a bit cumbersome to use, if you are a high transactional business.  Keep in mind that you MUST use a SMART phone.  Most SMART phones tend to have smaller key pads and displays, making inputting card info more difficult, especially for "keyed" transactions.  Further, your SMART phone must be on our SMART phone "Compatibility" list. 

Finally, although Square and some other mobile card reader and cc terminal manufacturers/processors do offer low cost and or discounted equipment pricing, they MUST overcharge you on your processing rates and fees.  Whenever anyone tells you that something is for "FREE", you know that person will have to overcharge you somewhere else in your "deal". Nothing is free!  "Free" is a marketing ploy to temporarily capture your attention, but often ends up costing you more in the long run.  

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Wireless Terminals – Using cellular towers, a hand held wireless terminal connects just like a mobile device using 3G/4G to process transactions. Our newest model has the ability to accept EMV & NFC transactions. With a wireless terminal you will receive the lower swiped rates, however, you will pay  an additional monthly Network Access Fee.  This hand held wireless terminal is the grand-daddy of them all, it even creates a paper receipt for your customer to sign.  You must be conducting higher monthly cc sales to justify this increased investment.  Once you own it, you will never go back to a much smaller and more cumbersome mobile card reader! 

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Point-of-Sale Systems – Point-of-Sale Systems are finally becoming more and more affordable for small to medium-sized businesses. These all-in-one systems combine a full color countertop or tablet display, cash drawer, multiple printer options, and sale reporting capabilities. Some systems are hard drive based, and others store data in the cloud. Some systems have one station at the front counter, and others combine multiple tablets to allow more portability and floor coverage. All receive the lower swiped rates. These systems offer a-la-carte configuration, and do require onsite staff training once installed.  

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Virtual Terminals – Use your own existing office computer, laptop, or iPad to conduct keyed transactions, including recurring billing. This is great for MOTO incoming phone or invoice-based sales calls where you are not in front of your customer at the time of sale. Manufacturing, distribution, oil and propane companies are common users of this type of processing.