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If you are currently "Accepting" credit cards at your place of business and would like an "apples-to-apples" cost comparison, please fax or scan-email to our office two (2) consecutive months of your recent Mercant Statements, all pages, front and back.  You may email statements to  (Click on this email link to the left and attach your merchant statements as noted above).  Our trained staff will conduct a detailed cost comparison and call you back with the results. 

In addition, please provide us with your name and contact info within this Request-a-Quote tab below.  

Once we provide you with the results of our cost analysis, you will know if you have competitive rates, or if you are being overcharged.  You are under no obligation to take any action with the information we provide you, however, with that said, should we be able to show you a montly savings below what you are currently being charged, we would certainly appreciate the opportunity to earn your Merchant Service business moving forward.  This is a free service that thousands of merchants have already taken advantage of. 


If we cannot "Meet-or-Beat" your current processing costs, we will send you a check for $400.00.  In order to qualify for this offer, our office must receive two (2) full and complete months of your most recent Merchant Statements (within 6 months), all pages front and back.  Mobile Merchants Accounts and Cash Discount Programs are not included in this promotion.  Some Merchant Accounts with certain hardware are "Proprietary" and thus we are not compatible with thier software.  Thus these "Proprietary" Merchant Accounts do not qualify for this Meet of Beat Offer.  

Feel free to call our office with any questions.  860-774-8210